About Us – Dani Bike
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Love for hand-crafted jewelry, love for everything bicycles equals Dani Bike.
Dani Bike was built from our passion for biking, especially mountain biking. We
sought a creative way to share that love with avid bike lovers like you. Already possessing a love and flair for creating exquisite, genuine and unique jewelry was an added advantage, so we were like, why don’t we merge these passions to satisfy the cravings of other bike jewelry die-hards while assuaging our own yearnings? It sounded like a win-win situation, so voila, Dani Bike was born!

We understand that you desire quality and unique hand-made jewelry and we believe you have absolute right to that. That is why we take time to design these miniature bicycle parts to jewelry for you in bracelets, neckpieces, earrings and more. Our jewelry is crafted personally by us using genuine sterling silver with high quality colorful zirconiums stones and brass with with colorful Swarovski crystal stones. Designing and crafting processes all take place in our jewelry factory in Tel Aviv.

All of our jewelry is designed to reflect the bicycle theme. Our aim is to make
distinctive fashionable street style jewelry that will underscore what you stand for by making a delicious statement on your behalf.

A visit to WWW.Danibike.com will simplify things for you and you can have a firsthand experience of our gorgeous collections.
We are only just beginning as we intend to be even more creative in giving you
more lovely personalized collections in various forms and designs to suit your
individual needs. We intend to incorporate more bicycle prototypes and diversify
the pieces we replicate. So make sure to shop and stick around for we just got
started on this journey of discovery and adventure.

You can find unlimited bike themed jewelry collections on Dani Bike. Our pieces
are long-lasting and pocket-friendly. You do not need to break into a bank to look
stunning and make your fashion statement of passion and sophistication.
www.Danibike.com provides more details. If that is not enough, email us at danibikejewel@gmail.com or follow us on any of these social media platforms.